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Leo Lash Range

After Party

After Party


The Leo lash tweezers are the tweezers of your dreams! There’s a reason our tweezers sell out all the time and are so popular and it’s simply because they are they bestThe tweezers we stock all have fibre grip, fiber grip means added grip inside the tip!

This makes it super easy to pick up the lashes. Another added bonus is that the tweezers don’t have a “sweet spot” that’s because the whole tweezer tip is the sweet spot.

You can pick up the fibres anywhere along the tip of the tweezers perfectly every single time!Our tweezers are top quality at affordable prices as we believe everyone should be able to afford the best!



Clean tweezers in-between clients with alcohol wipes, if glue is on the tweezer use a tweezer cleaner to remove, filing your tweezer with a nail file we eventually break down the fiber grip, please do not leave tweezers in tweezer cleaner as this can remove the paint 

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