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Leo Lash Range

Easy Fan Lashes

Easy Fan Lashes

Easy fan lashes do what they say, they are easy to fan simply pick up a little bunch of lashes and watch the magic happen! You can pinch the lashes or roll them on the strip to make a perfect fan every time.


Easy fan lashes have a bit of a stigma to have big bases as they are glue bonded at the base to hold them together, well not these little beauties!

The LEO LASH easy fan range have been specially formulated to use the tiniest, softest bit of glue to hold the base to avoid big chunky bases

Our easy fans are also double layered meaning you only have to pick up a few lashes to get that extra fluffy fan!

Once you pick them up you will see for yourself


Made from heat bonded PBT fibre so no animal cruelty and just like our Russian lashes extra soft, extra black and girl they keep that curl!

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