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Leo Lash Range

The Hook Up

The Hook Up

The glue you have dreamed about!

This is probably the best glue in the world so of course we had to give you the Hook up on this one!

Not only is she extra strong but she’s fast and extremely thin consistency

Most fast setting glues are quite thick, this means your glue dot drys out quite

Quickly and needs replacing more often! We have found the perfect formula

To keep the glue nice and thin without comprising on speed!

Our hook up glue also has insane humidity range from 50% – 70% meaning it’s basically amazing in all weather! No more problems in summer.

Speeds – 1 second

Consistency- Thin

Retention 5 to 6 weeks

Skill level – experienced

Humidity – 50% – 70%

Temp – 20° – 26 °

Shelf life – 6 months unopened 3 months opened

Medical grade latex free

Colour – Black

Water proof

Oil resistant

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