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Leo Lash Range

Mini Pixie potion

Mini Pixie potion

Introducing our new Pink Lash Adhesive - the ultimate game-changer for lash artists! 🌸


Crafted with precision and innovation, this adhesive is designed to elevate your lash extension application to the next level.


Here's why it's a must-have in your kit!



🔗 Carbon Allergy-Friendly: For clients with concerns about carbon allergies commonly found in standard black adhesives, our pink lash adhesive provides a gentle, hypoallergenic alternative. You can ensure client comfort and safety without sacrificing performance. 🚫💖


💖 Pretty in Pink, Clear Finish: While this adhesive may be pretty in pink, it dries completely clear, making it a versatile option for various lash styles. Whether you're using brown, colored, or classic black lashes, this adhesive seamlessly blends in, creating a flawless, natural look. Most clear glue can leave a white residue behind but not ours baby !


🌟 Superior Bond Strength: Our pink lash adhesive offers exceptional bond strength, providing long-lasting retention for your clients' beautiful lash extensions. Now, you can create stunning, durable looks that stand the test of time with ease. 🏆💫



- 1 . 5 second dry time 


- Pink in colour 


- Low fumes 


- Carbon black free


- Latex free 


- Waterproof


- Oil proof


- Ultra thin consistency 


Best temp 15* to 22*


Best humidity 50 to 62 


shelf life 2 months opened 


6 months unopened 



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