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Leo Lash Range

OUTLET Pre made fans

OUTLET Pre made fans

These pre made fans are samples from multiple suppliers we decided not to go ahead with 


There is nothing wrong with the lashes, they are in full working order as in, don't fall apart ect but with some minor inconsistencies 

You may find some of the curls differ ever so slights ie, D curl in one box may be SLIGHTY more curly than another, but when blended together not really noticeable

We have lashes from multiple suppliers so please be aware you may get lashes for different suppliers in the same order so lengths may differ slightly 

We do aim to give you the same length and curl from the same supplier though, the lashes are perfect to save some money and can still be used on clients, they are in the outlet store because, basically they are just not 100% perfect and we only sell top of the range products at full price ! 

We have them in

5D 0.7 D curl 

10D 0.7 C curl 

10D 0.7 D curl

12D 0.7 D curl 



These lashes are none refundable or returnable as they are sale items, you agree to this when you purchase from LEO LASH RANGE 



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